What you get

  • A full visual inspection of the property
  • A detailed, jargon-free report with explanations and photographs
  • Description of the construction and composition of the property
  • Explanation of the condition of each part of the property
  • Advice on what what repairs are necessary
  • Clear, simple condition ratings of each element (1 – green, 2 – amber, 3 – red)

A Level 2 Homebuyer Survey checks for:

  • Damp
  • Rot
  • Subsidence
  • Structural failure
  • Infestations

It also reports on the condition of different elements of a home, including:


  • roof coverings
  • chimneys
  • guttering
  • waste pipes
  • outside walls
  • windows
  • doors
  • conservatories
  • porches


  • roof structure & loft
  • ceilings
  • inside walls
  • floors
  • chimney breasts
  • kitchen & bathroom fittings


  • electrics
  • gas
  • oil
  • heating
  • water
  • drains


  • flood risk
  • historic mining activity
  • levels of radon

As well as reporting on the condition of the property, the Pennine Level 2 Homebuyer Report has two other really important sections:


Is the glass panel in that door made of safety glass?

Do the bedroom windows allow you to escape if you are trapped in a fire?

Is the chimney pot and flue safe to use with that brand new wood-burning stove?

The safety section will draw your attention to potential hazards that you should be aware of.

Legal Matters

Solicitors don’t visit your property so important issues are often overlooked because the solicitor simply doesn’t know about them.  Your surveyor is the eyes and ears of your solicitor.  

The Pennine Level 2 Homebuyer report includes a special section for your solicitor telling them what they need to check. Where necessary, I will liaise with them before and after the inspection so that, together, we make sure your interests are protected.